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The Basic Secrets to Crowd Funding:
1) The key to your success is to make it personal.
Put yourself in the video and appeal for people to help you out.
2) Don’t just post a trailer — do something special when asking for contributions even if it’s just a personal introduction to the trailer!
3) Treat the video like a compelling work of art in its own right — make it clever, engaging, visually stunning and add a soundtrack to affect the viewers’ emotions. Basically, make it kick ass so people WANT to watch it and show others.
Bring on the cast and crew to talk about why they are involved and what the donors’ help will mean to them.


3 Secrets to Successful Crowdfunding

If you feel you have at least one, but preferably 2-3 of the above mentioned qualities, then whether or not we can help you, you should move forward. If not, then I will recommend what I have recommended to other international organizations big and small. Improve your product, and "Bake in Social" into your services or products so the current crowd of customers does the work that you...

3 Realities of Crowd Funding

As my new role at 20th Century Fox Film Entertainment, it is my job to help with Social Media Strategies across operations. But the day before I began consulting, I was a guest host for a crowd funding seminar. For those of you who missed what I said, I talked about why and who and what raises the most money Continue Reading...

Crowd Funders need real Social Media

Social media monitoring is widely used to inform customer service, product development and marketing activities. Going the next step — from mere monitoring to careful listening — can help brands uncover a wealth of additional, rich insights. True listening is not data on a spreadsheet acquired by applying legacy "asking" methodology. It requires putting an ear to a wide spectrum of conversations, thoughtful interpretation and judgment of the data, then...
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