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If you are a baker and wish to raise money to build a bakery, or if you are a filmmaker and wish to raise money for a Western movie, or if you are wanting to create a get-away resort, ask yourself what would Google say? It turns out Google has quite a bit to say. In each case, there is already a plethora of bakeries, Western movies, and get-away resort. And they are well-known, answer the phone, and can be bought for much less than your asking price…

You are unique. But that does not make your ideas unique. And if someone can click to purchase the real thing, a business that already exists, a product that already exists, then you must realize the reality, that most people do not purchase things that do not exist and from people they do not know or trust. Crowd-funding works when the product does not exist. The creators know this, and can show they have been working in the industry where it does not exist, and have a prototype just around the corner.

Your dreams may be amazing. But the difference between a bank and a crowd funding campaign is, at a bank you talk to one guy, in a crowd funding campaign you talk to 1,000’s. And that does not make it easier. The work you should do in presenting to a VC is not much different than to a stranger.

If you can not on one page show through links, video and content, be utterly convincing that you can present this “Non-Google-able” product or service, then you should consider other options.

If Google has Ad-Word campaigns to describe your product, be especially concerned. That means not only is your product or service established, it has dozens of competitors competing to own it. If this is the case, walk away from the Crowd funding project.

Take baby steps, Carl Karcher did, he started out with no crowd funding. He started with a hot-dog stand. Now there are thousands of Carl’s Jr.s everywhere. Not sexy hard work? I know. But guess what, its better to make a mistake cooking candy out of kitchen as Hershey did, than be known for wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars…

Mastery comes from 1,000’s of hours of experience. And crowd funders have a way to see through that. Music records get funded because the artist has made other albums. Watches get made because the engineers have made other electronics and can show off prototypes. If you have never created, managed, or produced the kind of project you are pitching, it will show. Professor Fogg, calls it “Surface Credibility” and it is critical in online persuasion.

It will show in the partners that are missing, it will show in the prototypes that are missing, it will show in the lack of followers or connections you don’t have.

So before you ask anyone to fund your project, Google it!

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