Unlike other Social Media groups, Social Capital Consulting guarantees its results. Every project gets weekly reports and a final project Wrap-Report.

At the beginning of your Crowdfunding sign-up, you will have a brief form to fill out, and then your own Social Media Manager will have a conference on your goals and objectives. Each project comes with the basic 25 features which can be scaled to match your project size.

Its not brain surgery, but it is a science. Our Consultants can then project what additional media or features may or may not be implemented to reach your goals.

Work continues around the clock. Our partners are from around the world. Somebody is awake working around the clock on your project. From generating links from video posts to electronically sending out Press Releases to Reuters or AP, somebody is working to keep your project moving forward.

After 30 years in the industry, we know what it takes to make both successful independent projects work and what it takes to bring your work to the next level.
grow your crowd funding project

Growing by Crowd Funding

You focus on the Project. We continually talk to your funders. We Get their impressions. Nobody wants to see you succeed more than we do.

Keep in mind, we understand every campaign is different, so we plan for the ability to change parts of it on the fly. If your messaging isn’t connecting as it should or your rewards don’t generate enough buzz, we can always tweak it. If your video isn’t resonating or people keep asking questions about your pitch, we post updates to answer the questions, and we don’t want you to worry.


Because we regularly do outreach through email newsletters to keep everyone engaged.

One really important aspect to remember; before you consider funding your project make sure it is ready for prime time. What this means is, you feel it is nailed down and ready to go. Crowdfunding is a great opportunity and if you’re ready for the challenge we can be your productive partner.