Right now there are thousands of online communities hidden in Facebook, MeetUp, Tribe, Yahoo, MySpace and a hundred other online social networks. Their topics focus on Cars, Travel, Sports, Pets, and a thousand other interests. These communities have value, these communities need direction. These communities need your business.

Each specific web community has a treasure trove of new Funders waiting to try, see, use, and discuss your projects and causes. While Fortune 2000 companies have built in their own communities, the opportunities for small and medium enterprises to use these existing communities and open technologies is still fairly untapped.

Starting a Conversation before a Sale…

Get a conversation about your business going. Get ahead of the market and stay engaged with opportunities that are just around the corner. Customers who are engaged and rewarded for participating in services and products are loyal.

Partners who are part of the process stay connected to your system. Building relationships and reaching out to new communities does not have to rely on a 2X3 ad in an  Facebook or a hours posting to blogs.

  • Start the nest
  • Listen to the followers
  • Get ideas and feedback instantly

Creating Identity:

Does your local industry have an active association? Do customers have a resource to add ideas to the services or products they need? Are there intermediaries who could extend your support or sales force?

Imagine a hub of activity around your project and causes. Imagine word of mouth that propels itself while providing support for both your enterprise and funders.
Imagine uncovering untapped markets by opening up a Mobile App or Web page each morning.

Building Mobile Crowd Funding Communities

Building Mobile Crowd Funding Communities

  • ¬†Reaching out to affiliated groups and communities
  • Increase media visibility with large community outreach events
  • Build support and membership with sophisticated Mobile / Online tools.


Our Consultants have developed Web Communities from as large as 2 million members to as small as 5,000. We have the built live active communities from zero members to over thousands of members. Our Consultant have built communities that ranged from Cognitive Health to Local Culture, and from Bowling to Dive Bar Adventures. Our activities have been written about in National Newspapers and local trades.

In addition, our consultants have studied social networking and human complex systems science at the University level. They have worked on dozens of college studies in researching the behaviors in online communities.

No matter the social cause, every project needs an engaged community. Here are the first 3 elements to each successful community we build:

Building a vibrant and engaged online community takes time and effort. But when you have Social Capital Consulting, you have experts in your corner.

Contact us today and discuss your crowdfunding community and we will help you build the social cause community around it.

Hoping to have people help, without a community identity, activity and scheduled events, is nearly impossible. Statistically, people do more and give more to be part of something larger than themselves. A movement succeeds when it is tied to a story, a community “Fable” that empowers each member to part of the history of the group.