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FAQ Crowd Funding

Frequently Asked Questions on Crowd Funding

What is Social Capital Consulting?

Business Consultants help with managing Financial Capital. We help you build and manage your Social Capital.

What do you mean by Social Capital?

It is three things. (1) Its your social circle, (2) the trust between your social contacts/clients or customers, and (3) the embedded resources your clients/contacts have. Its more than a rolodex, its also about trust, familiarity, and precise communication. Its not knowing a lot of persons. Its about the right persons who know you, they know your talents, and for you to know the right people with the skills you truly value.

Are you just another “Social Media” consulting “Guru” ?

No not at all. We build Social Cause Communities to raise awareness. We manage those Communities. And, we use Communities to generate funds for our clients. Using “Twitter” or “Facebook” are just tools we use, but are rarely enough for every client situation.

Why are Social Cause Communities so different?

There are over 3,000 different online communities just around our Southern California Headquarters. From English Bulldog groups to Urban Vampires, to Stay at Home Mom’s. Our Consultants personally have worked with over 1,000’s of the “Online Community Organizers” who have those groups. Depending on the client’s need, we can micro-target those customers in those groups for your organization to reach.

Why can’t I just go out and hand out my business card or post a tweet?

You can, and you should. But the technology that exists today enables you to reach more in an hour, than you can meet in six weeks of wearing out your feet or  tweeter feed.

Can’t I just update my profile or add a blog or forum to my existing site?

Getting the technology is easy. Utilizing it to micro-target the right communities, attracting the right individuals, and not spending your time with persons who just waste your time, is very difficult.

What expertise does Social Capital Consultants have?

We have the built live active communities from zero members to over tens of thousands of members. Our Consultant have built communities that ranged from Cognitive Health to Local Culture, and from Video Editing to Dive Bar Adventures. Our activities have been written about in National Newspapers and local trades.

Our consultants and our affiliates have managed some of the largest social networking groups from around the world, some as large as 2 million members.

We manage presences in the largest social networking sites on the Internet. Yet each social network has core demographics and specific behavioral aspects which need to be considered before spending time and money.

We have groups, affiliate promoters, and buzz agents in hundreds of social networks.

In addition, our consultants have studied social networking and human complex systems science at the University level. They have worked on dozens of university studies in researching the behaviors in online communities.

How do I measure performance?

Our clients receive a custom web portal, that will list and monitor the size of their communities, the number of events, community comments, social media tracking, and web traffic analytics.

What should I prepare before speaking to a Consultant?

Do you know what social causes you are or could be associated with?

What amount exactly would bring your funders a complete project?

Can you provide content in the form of video or photos of the locations, principles or other visuals that can help tell the story of your project during the funding window?