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Our Key Executive Team is here to help you each step of the way.

While Crowdfunding is an approach to raising money for start-up projects that is increasing in complexity. A number of fairly recent web services provide basic administrative platforms to help entrepreneurs obtain funding from contributors. In most cases it would be the old reliable, friends and family, but to really succeed contributions should also come from people you’ve never met.

The Internet removed barriers so individuals could market their projects directly to consumers. Social networking made it easy to approach consumers because now our connections, be they ever so distant, provide word of mouth referrals with the click of the mouse. But reaching beyond your friends and family takes a team.

Building a Crowd Funding Team

Building a Crowd Funding Team

So, meet the Team that will help You reach your Goals:

Richard Kaufman
Director of Social Media Manager Marketing Teams
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David Allan Morgan
Director of Creative Services
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Christopher David Kaufman
Lead Consultant and Director of Social Media Operations
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Nero Inc.

Chris is an extraordinary strategic leader and visionary which sets him apart from others as he delivers on what he promises.

Chris is true expert in his field to help companies create and implement a killer social media strategy including Facebook, Twitter and various blogs that very few people are using. His knowledge is SEO combined with business planning truly makes him an expert in his field!

Contracted Christopher David Kaufman
Lead Consultant
Linda Ebrahimian
Marketing Manager

SmallCart Systems

When a Social Networker assembles his entire network, Christopher needs a Double-Double Decker Bus. This social engine driver has accumulated an impressive network of passengers from all walks of life. This driver has transported so many different passengers from one bus stop in their life to the next through his well-organized and developed events, sprung solely from leveraging the power of the Internet.

If Social Networking is the engine that spearheads the next model of networking, then Christopher is an expert driver, with efficiency and grace.

Christopher David Kaufman
Lead Consultant
Jon Unger
Managing Partner