LuxEcoLiving  is a United States of America for profit organization.

The journey towards really being “Green” is a process.  For most, it is relearning everything you thought to be true which that can be overwhelming and even emotional.  Exploring this new consciousness and awareness together and learning from each other how to truly embody the Green (R)evolution is the spirit of LuxEco Living.

LuxEcoLiving was founded by Nancy and James Chuda. Both have dedicated their lives to a eco-friendly, green, sustainable daily lifestyle. James and Nancy Chuda have worked tirelessly to advance education and affect change for a safer, toxic-free and healthy environment.

After losing their only child, Colette, at the age of five, to a rare non-genetic form of Wilm’s tumor, they founded Healthy Child Healthy World in 1991, one of the most respected national children’s charities whose mission is to inspire parents to protect children against harmful chemicals. In Colette’s memory, they have mobilized parents and caregivers, environmental groups, the scientific community and media to work together to help make the necessary changes in national policies to protect our children. They currently serve as the Chairs on the Honorary Board of Healthy Child Healthy World.
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