Mosaic of Life Movie

Social Capital Consulting is proud to be providing Crowd Funding Services for Mosaic of Life the Movie.

In cooperation with From the Heart Productions, we have provided the strategy, content calendaring and the social technology support for the project.

SSC provided not only the overall strategy mapping and design for the campaign, but also created funding video clips for the project. .


Social Capital Consulting can provide a systematic plan to provide new crowdfunding channels beyond just IndieGoGo or Kickstarter

By creating creative online events Social Capital Consulting was able to boost client awareness on Facebook and Tumblr.

Remember, just because you are initially raising money through Kickstarter or some other platform, their are multiple strategies to get funded. While Mosaic of Life did not meet its goal on IndieGoGo, the Mosaic of Life Project did raise over its goal through alternative channels. And in the end, that is the key, not making money for the platform, but raising the needed amount for the project.