Our Crowd Funding Services

Crowd Fund Services

Every Client gets their own Social Media Manager;
provide Messaging Management, tailor Content distribution, monitor Social Engagement, deliver Promotions, SEO, & Viral PR.

We create a custom tailored Social Media Marketing Campaign. To generate the maximum amount of Buzz & Drive donations beyond your baseline goals.


Social Channel Setup:

  • We setup over a dozen Social Channels: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube…
  • Plus we add Facebook Apps: Sweepstake apps, Top Fan apps, Newsletter Subscribe apps, Instagram App including a Facebook Swag Store App
  • Setup Twitter Viral Donate Apps

Viral Publicity Program:

  • Search Engine Submission / All Top Search Engines
  • Social Bookmarking Sites / Hundreds of Sites Photos-Video
  • Web Directories / Hundreds of Sites Keyword Optimized
  • Article Directories / Hundreds of Sites with Separate Articles submitted
  • Blog Forum Posts / Back linked & post targeted

Content Development:

  • Press Release / AP, Reuters, Global and Targeted Local
  • Video Press Release / Custom edit wide release
  • Keyword & LinkTargeted Twitter Posts, Facebook Posts
  • InfoGraphic-PhotoGrapic Image Creation
  • Custom Articles /  Custom Tailored ‘Social Cause‘ pieces
  • Blog Posts / Custom Tailored ‘Social Cause‘ pieces

Solutions, that you need!

Get Funded Today. Get your own Social Media Team started.

Crowdfunding Specialists are online to answer all your questions and help design the best solution for you today. At Social Capital Consulting "We don't Profit, until you do", that's not just a slogan, its in our contract with you. Click the START button and see your goals realized and your dream project finally finished.