Viral Message Distribution

Getting your friends and family to spread the word is just the first step. Getting beyond the frontyard fence is critical.

It may seem like you have a small project, but don’t underestimate its importance.

You have got News!

Your project is being funded, your in production or pre-productions or pre-pre-production… But things are moving along. You need a team that is going to push what your doing and why your doing it to the ends of the earth. And make sure the right people see it, and respond.

That’s why we provide a Message Package, that includes Search Engine Optimization, International/National/Regional press releases to all the major syndication networks. But we don’t stop there we make sure your press releases have a video press release linked to it and back-linked directly to all your Donation Buttons.Its about raising money. So we optimize each press release with precise keywords, target specific markets, back-link it to specific news sites, and they follow up with targeted journalists.

Our Message Distribution Package is unlike another competitor. You provide the project, and we create the video, photos, and press release package that we distribute around the world or targeted to cities in the USA. Thousands of journalists and millions of blog readers will be reached with our Message Distribution package. We provide quality No outrageous claims here, as our Social Capital Consultants work on commission, we deliver the profit, or we don’t profit. Its really that simple. Don’t depend on just a tweet and blog post, when we offer custom economically packages.

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