Social Cause Outreach

Every project has a purpose, something bigger than yourself or even the personal reasons you started it.

We dive into our network of national and regional philanthropy organizations. We target the organizations that resonate with your project or cause. Social Media Outreach provides a social media marketing platform to promote causes of interest to consumers and organizations, who are communicating within social media. Outreach Program contributors make a difference.

The digital world has made it so much easier to get involved in so many ways – online donations, blogs, online journals, etc. The true magic is for organizations, causes, non-profits, etc. to program a whole strategy for digital – Social Networks, Outreach, Email, strong central system and database, strategic communications, timeliness, and on and on. There is nothing wrong with Likes, but then what does that alone lead to? Can it be based on partnerships with corporations who will donate based on the likes? Does the organization have the ability to mobilize awareness and action by leveraging a well-known product for a much liked cause (like the million trees planted in connection to the AVATAR release on Blu-ray and DVD?.

There are so many ways to go fully social for a cause – just don’t settle for anything less than the whole.

Social cause marketing is the planning and implementation of sound marketing concepts and tools in commercial marketing programs in existing companies that are designed to influence individuals, modify behaviors that improve their well being, and bring about change in society.

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