Social Channels Setup

We expand the number of social channels, we customize, shape, and leverage the unique features of each.

Deploying content across all the social channels is difficult. Each social network has different demographics, content features, and viral capabilities. Getting content out is only part of the work, getting the “Message” of the project out is the real objective that we specialize in.

Content creates community, but not only do you need content, you need content that resonates with your target audience. Creating engaging content takes time, creating and maintaining engaging content online via multiple social channels takes real work.

Typically you have only a couple of choices; do it yourself or hire a online marketing firm. Doing it yourself takes time and requires the skills and knowledge to create, manage, shape, and distribute the content. Or you could hire a web marketing firm, but do they have the expertise to raise funds? And most firms charge by the service hourly. So the more Social Channels and Content, the more they charge.

Social Capital Consulting’s promise; “We only profit, when you do” is our promise that we are in this together with you.

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