Sweepstakes and Contests

We work with dozens of vendors to provide exciting and dynamic contests.

From Mobile to Mass contests, Social Capital has created amazing viral campaigns.

Drive signups and leads
Sweepstakes entries double as signups for newsletters or leads for customer acquisition and marketing efforts.

Sweepstakes have viral appeal
Sweepstakes with exciting prizes are inherently share-worthy. Social Capital has integrated tools to promote and facilitate sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Typically, links shared by users generate 3 to 6 additional entries from their friends and followers.

Deploy sweepstakes to website, Facebook, mobile, or all of the above
Deploy the sweepstakes app to your website, Facebook fan page, as well as iPhones, Android and other mobile devices. Social Capital helps your campaign go wherever your target market is!

Get enhanced lead data with a poll, survey, or quiz
Include survey or quiz questions to get deep, lead-specific data that goes far beyond contact information.

We easily create a custom branded sweepstakes for your website or Facebook page.

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