Video Press Release

We can take a single Skype interview and turn it into moving call to action.

We know the numbers and the results. If they don’t know who you are, then they don’t participate in helping you create what you truly believe in.

With video content dominating the marketplace Social Capital can provide a new way in which creative projects disseminate their press releases. Typically press releases have consisted of text and static pictures creating a disconnect with the content and the user. Social Capital video press releases bring the project’s message to life through product demonstrations and testimonials from creative project leaders.

Social Capital has extensive experience in creating a third party “video soapbox” for press announcement purposes and has seen the funds projects have received by choosing to use video paired with traditional text media. This is a unique way to bring new press content to the masses as the company still has complete control over the content but the medium in which it is delivered is more reachable to the press and the end user. The traction created through video is easily measurable and with handset devices displaying video content easier than ever the market for video press releases has never been larger.

Social Capital puts our experience to work helping users and corporations tell their story through media coaching, strategic news planning and by creating compelling corporate image videos, Video Press Releases and other video.

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