Christopher David Kaufman

15 Years in Digital Marketing. From working with international technology firms to small startups, Chris has provided the creative solutions for every endeavor to succeed. See Linkedin Profile

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Chris has the entrepreneurial spirit running in his veins. From deploying interactive TV software, to building 3-D online webisodes, his understanding of how to get content online and to engage an audience, is built on decades of experience.

Understanding how to raise funds is just one component to the equation. Before moving into digital marketing over a decade ago, Mr. Kaufman was a sales consultant designing and building inside sales rooms for national telecommunication companies.

Results first. Numbers and more numbers. Having a Business degree and another degree in Sociology & Human Complex Systems from UCLA, Chris knows numbers don’t lie. “That’s why every client gets a weekly report”, quips Chris, “We either deliver or die.” That’s why we are called Social Capital Consulting, because the numbers in your financial statement should be as important in your Social Media Progress Report.

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Having been raised in the motion picture industry, Chris knows first hand how hard it is to raise capital. He saw his father, a Motion Picture Producer and Screenwriter, go on a roller coaster ride every time one of his pictures got “Greenlighted” .

Visit IMDB to see some of Chris’ Father movies. Don’t be surprised to see Chris in a few very small parts as well.

“Our family saw what it was like to raise capital for creative productions first hand” laments Chris. The stress was incredible. At one point after a string of hits, Robert Kaufman raised money via Wall Street. The bankers took the money and disappeared overseas. It took years of legal battles to get out and very nearly destroyed Mr. Kaufman’s career.

“It basically killed my father, trying to raise money”, Chris states matter of factually. “I see so many great projects, I just don’t want anyone to go through that”.

Its bigger than you think, making a story come true is the hardest and most worthwhile project anyone can undertake. So Chris Kaufman knows how each project means more than fame, its a matter of life and death.