Richard Kaufman

Richard Kaufman has been helping independent filmakers make films for over 20 years.

Richard Kaufman has been enabling filmakers to make films for over two decades.

For over 2 decades, Richard has helped independent filmmakers realize their dreams. Starting with supplying film stock (remember that?), Richard has worked to make possible projects from short docs to studio features finish under budget and looking great.

Born to a screenwriter, he tried screenwriting, but found it wasn’t his passion. Then, he started work at a company that bought leftover film stock. This became one of the nuclei of the independent film business. This inexpensive stock begat low budget independent works of art that studios had shunned. Of course, it also gave birth to zombie features, endless action films, and porn. But, that was the fun. Seeing how much could get made.

“My father, Robert Kaufman, was a screenwriter who towards the end of his career was having trouble selling scripts and was offered a job at a studio. He was to review potential projects and give recommendations. He turned it down. When I asked him why he would do such a thing considering he was broke, he said he didn’t want to say no to creative people. He knew how hard it was to get films produced and wanted to help get them get made. So do I.”

Richard brings executive experience to the company having run the national film departments of Studio Film & Tape and Media Distributors. At each stop, he quadrupled sales and transformed both into the largest independent distributors of film stock in the world. His innovations got film in filmmakers hands and his personal interest in each project made them want to come back.